About Us

The Legislative Gazette is your source for political news happening at the New York State Capitol and beyond. The Gazette brings you in-depth coverage of the New York State Legislature, governor’s office, state agencies, and courts. We keep you up to date on interesting and important legislation, press conferences, executive actions, court decisions, elections, lobbying and advocacy efforts in Albany and across the state.

Since 1978, the Legislative Gazette has provided in-depth coverage of state government as a public service, thanks in part to generous funding by the Ottaway Foundation, the SUNY Research Foundation and the State University of New York at New Paltz.

We are a nonprofit news organization with a mission of keeping New Yorkers informed. We focus on the politics, policy, and people of state government with the goal of creating better informed citizens. We report the news objectively and fairly and provide a forum for our readers, elected officials, issue advocates, and all concerned citizens to make their voices heard.