Parkland shooting mobilizes senator to introduce new school safety bill

Photo courtesy of the office of Sen. James Tedisco
Custom plates range in price from $60-$90. With Sen. Tedisco’s new legislation, the purchase or re-registration of Guardians for Schools plates would fund resources to improve school safety.

Sen. James Tedisco, R-Glenville, is calling for new legislation that would introduce the Guardians for Schools New York State license plate to help fund resources that would improve school safety.

The bill (S.7847) would create a fund directly through the purchase and re-registration of Guardians for Schools license plates. Custom plates in New York state range in cost from around $60-$90. 

Co-sponsors of the bill include Sen. Simcha Felder, Sen. Martin Golden and Sen. James Seward.

“The Guardians for Schools license plate will give millions of caring and concerned New Yorkers the ability to take part in a statewide effort to keep our children safe from violence while raising money to help pay for school resource officers, security training at our schools, mental health counseling, security cameras and other school building modifications to improve school safety,” Tedisco said.

Sen. James Tedisco

The bill was introduced in response to the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 high school students and faculty dead. This school shooting brought up yet another discussion on gun control. It has even left some urging that teachers be armed with guns.

Tedisco has received support from sheriffs in his district. They have been working closely with their school districts to improve school safety and believe that the Guardians for Schools license plates would help fund the resources needed to do so.

“Sen. Tedisco’s legislation will help us provide armed school resource officers, training and other resources to the Saratoga County schools that need assistance,” said Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo.

Despite the uncertainty as to where funding will come from, there is a widespread agreement across the nation that safety measures should be taken. Tedisco believes the license plates are are a good way to approach the issue of school safety without increasing New Yorker’s taxes.

“The Guardians for Schools license plate will provide a steady funding source to help our children be safer at schools for years to come,” Tedisco said.