As Election Day nears, college students explain why they are voting, or not

Photo by Andrew Morales
Students on the New Paltz campus have mixed feelings about who to vote for in the presidential election, or whether they should vote at all.



Student Noah Morgan
Photo by Alana Roolaart

When asked if he is voting in the presidential election on November 8, Noah Morgan answered “yes” because “I believe it is my duty as a citizen to vote. It’s important to let your opinion be known.”

Student Briana Sullivan
Photo by Julia Olson

Briana Sullivan is voting because “Voting is super important. Everyone has an obligation to vote even if you aren’t happy with the candidates. We need to avoid the greater evil.”

Student Benjamin Bickford
Photo by Anthony Mitthauer-Orza

Benjamin Bickford, a SUNY New Paltz student, will be voting for Hillary Clinton in this year’s election. Bickford believes Clinton is the “lesser of two evils” and can do a better job as president than Republican nominee Donald Trump.


Student Colleen Ames
Photo by Shamar Coxum

Colleen Ames will not be participating in this election because she feels “Both candidates are not fit for the position of leader of the free world.  Both candidates in my opinion are not mature enough or emotionally stable to be running our country. Yes, people tell me I could choose the lesser of two evils, but I rather not choose evil at all.”


Student Jordn Pappas
Photo by Andrew Morales

Jordan Pappas is registered to vote and was leaning toward Hillary Clinton. He thinks she has a lot of experience and a positive outlook on running the country.


Photo by Cafari Reid

K-T the dinosaur is voting because she believes in equality and the democratic process.

Photo by Matt Apuzzo
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Photo by Anthony Mitthauer-Orza
Photo by Andrew Morales
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