Gov. Cuomo to deliver “State of the State” in series of regional speeches


This year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be delivering his message to the state Legislature in a series of regional “State of the State” addresses delivered across New York.

Cuomo is breaking from recent tradition of delivering a speech at the Capitol or Empire State Plaza on the first day of the new session each January.

“The State of the State is an opportunity for the governor to lay out the state’s priorities for the upcoming year, and this year we plan to do it a little differently,” said Melissa DeRosa, Governor Cuomo’s chief of staff.

“Our efforts have focused on regional development strategies across the state and we want the opportunity to lay out regional accomplishments, goals and challenges. Next month, the governor will bring his message directly to communities statewide, announcing regional initiatives and groundbreaking proposals he will advance in 2017. The governor looks forward to articulating his vision for a stronger, brighter New York in the weeks ahead.”

The governor’s 2017 State of the State addresses will take place the week of January 9th, and include stops in:
• New York City
• Western New York
• The Hudson Valley
• Long Island
• Capital Region
• Central New York

Specific times and locations for these events will be provided in the coming days.

The New York State Constitution requires an annual message from the governor to the Legislature on the condition of the state.

Article IV, Section 3 of the New York State Constitution requires that the governor, “shall communicate by message to the Legislature at every session the condition of the state, and recommend such matters to it as he or she shall judge expedient.”‎

However, there is no requirement on the timing or location of the governor’s message. Historically, governors delivered written messages to the Legislature. This changed in 1923 with Governor Al Smith, who added the speech element.