It’s high time our state protected children from abuse

To the editor:

As a victim and survivor of such abuse, and with a career as a liability claims adjuster, I can state for a fact that having to go through the litigation process, discovery, and maybe even a trial, will be far harder for the plaintiff reliving those horrible memories and flashbacks.

In addition, most of the involved defendants have primary general liability insurance policies covering their own costs for defense attorneys, experts and investigators. Furthermore, in the case of the church, most of the liability payment will also be made from either the primary policy, or the $40 million dollars in excess policies some of the dioceses have at the least.

Since the church chooses to fight the children they abused, the only way now is to have that look-back window to find out if your priest, your teacher or principal is a child rapist who got away with it.

The cover up continues.

One final point, this is not a Roman Catholic Church issue anymore. This is for all of society.

Unfortunately it is prevalent in some homes, school, sports, work, clubs, hospitals, institutions, churches and synagogues, and it’s high time the New York state government protects the children from this abuse.

The cost of drug and alcohol addictions, PTSD and teen suicides is high enough, and this would be the first step in ending some of those problems for our future.