Lawmaker who fell victim to “monster” crater urging NY’ers to report potholes on state hotline

Photo courtesy of Assemblyman Tom Abinanti

Assemblymember Tom Abinanti, D-Pleasantville, is concerned about the dangerous road conditions across New York so early in the pothole season and is calling on New Yorkers to bring the problem to the governor’s attention.

“Wicked winter weather has wrecked our roads — recent rains surfaced plenty of snow-covered potholes,” Abinanti said.

The lawmaker is also asking New Yorkers to call 1-800-POTHOLE to report any dangerous conditions and keep the governor aware. Abinanti is also calling for a statewide major cleanup day called POTHOLE S.W.A.T. TEAM (Save Wheels And Tires) to make quick fixes to the roads.

The hotline set up by the New York State Department of Transportation is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week and is to be utilized to report potholes on state highways and the Thruway. Abinanti is elated that roads and bridges are being awarded a bigger budget in the upcoming Executive Budget, but he reinstates the importance of fixing the wintered roads before the end of March when the budget is passed.

Abinanti noted that on a recent drive back home from Albany, he experienced the poor road conditions firsthand.

“My front tire fell victim to a crater-sized monster on a dark road as I drove home from Albany last week,” Abinanti said. “We can’t allow these road hazards to worsen as the winter continues and watch as they cause serious accidents.”