Letter: Evaluate candidates on objective data, not their last name

Legislative Gazette photo by Marlee Capuano.

To the editor,

Who is Larry Penner to decide that a private citizen cannot run for office based upon him being the son of a former mayor and never having built a business? Last I looked, nothing in the Consolidated Laws of New York state will cause a candidate to be rejected based upon the author’s criteria.

Where does Penner get the nerve to call it a joke?

I don’t know about Penner, but I plan to evaluate a candidate based upon objective data. Performance in debates. Grasp of the issues, especially COVID recovery. If I agree with at least 51 percent of what he says I will vote for him. Him being the son of Rudolph Giuliani will not count either way. If he attempts to use his father’s name, I will count it against him.

Since the author is asking about experience, has he ever run for office? What are his qualifications to call Andrew Giuliani a joke? Federal law prohibits me from running for paid partisan office but I can run for unpaid party position. A month ago I gathered enough petition signatures to be District Leader. Has the author ever run for party position? Or is it more fun to sit at the laptop and be a “keyboard warrior?”

Finally, I assume the author has some psychic link with the state’s 2,000,000+ Republicans and knows none of them will vote for Andrew. The author’s head must be throbbing.

Nat Weiner
Bronx, New York