Letter: More fraud protections needed in early voting system

Photo courtesy of the Governor’s Office

To the editor:

The early voting that took place during the 2019 election was a big success in Greenburgh and in the rest of the county. However, some residents expressed concern about the eventual possibility of misuses since poll watchers did not ask voters for any identification when they voted.

Unlike Election Day  — when people vote at local places (election inspectors or other voters may know who lives in the community) — anyone can vote at any early voting location. Election inspectors have no idea who the voters are. All one has to do is sign their name. It’s possible that someone can vote for a neighbor who doesn’t want to vote, who is out of town or even who passed away — and they can get away with it.

I believe that the Board of Elections should come up with a plan to reduce the possibility of fraud taking place during early voting. Without additional safeguards it is very possible that ballots will be cast in the future by people who should not be voting. We need to make sure that no one ever questions the honesty of elections. We have had some very close elections in Westchester over the years, including races where both candidates got the same number of votes.

I do not want to discourage voting, I only want honest elections.

Paul Feiner

Greenburgh Town Supervisor