Letter: Quinn should give Nixon a fighting chance

Legislative Gazette file photo
Gubernatorial candidate and public education advocate Cynthia Nixon.

To the editor:

Former New York City Council Speaker and 2013 losing mayoral candidate Christine Quinn long ago finished licking her wounds and came out of the closet. Quinn’s apologies and subsequent retraction of her insult to Democratic Party challenger Cynthia Nixon to Gov. Andrew Cuomo that she is “an unqualified lesbian who doesn’t have the experience to be governor” lacks real candor and sincerity.  Can you imagine the reaction if some reactionary Republican made the same comments?

Quinn, serving as a loyal Cuomo supporter, is a very intelligent person and knew exactly what she was saying and doing. In 2014, she assisted Cuomo’s reelection effort by assisting in the creation of  the “Women’s Equity Party.” This party was designed to give Cuomo another line on the ballot and drive a wedge between his losing Republican opponent Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino and female voters. Her future political quid pro quo or “pay off” after Cuomo was re-elected took place in 2015.  He returned her favors and appointed Quinn to a plum position in his administration as a “special adviser” to the governor. She also became New York State Democratic Party Vice Chairperson.

Political hacks of a feather love to flock together. Cuomo and his Democratic Party political bosses don’t care if you are liberal or conservative, gay or straight, man or woman — just play ball like Quinn and you’re welcome to the smoke-filled clubhouse back rooms. Quinn previously served as chief of staff to her mentor New York City Council member Tom Duane who was gay. In those days, she would have endorsed Nixon along with campaigning and assisting in fund raising. She would never attempt to malign Nixon. Perhaps it is time for Quinn to regain her independent reformer roots of old. Come out of Cuomo’s hip pocket for some fresh air. As State Democratic Party Vice-Chair, a real independent leader would be neutral in any primary contest.  Why not give the 5,775,104 active registered Democrats a chance to weigh in on Primary Day?

Larry Penner

Great Neck