Letter: State needs to do a better job maintaining its roads

Courtesy of the Town of Greenburgh

To the Editor:

There are many positive funding appropriations in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed state budget. Unfortunately, New York State is doing a poor job maintaining roads that they own in Westchester County. The last time a state-owned road was paved in Greenburgh was about four years ago.

Roads that New York State owns are full of potholes, craters and bumps. Some of the roads are in such poor shape that milling and repaving won’t do the trick. The roads have to be rebuilt, according to Greenburgh town engineers who have been inspecting the roads.

I hope that the Legislature will appropriate more funds in the upcoming budget for road repaving on state-owned roads. Greenburgh is not alone. At a public hearing held by the Assembly at the end of January, members of the Assembly highlighted the fact that road conditions on state roads throughout Westchester were in bad shape.

New York State needs to do a better job of addressing their own infrastructure. Perhaps, as Assemblywoman Sandra Galef pointed out at the legislative hearing, the time has come for a road infrastructure bond act to be presented to the voters.

Paul Feiner
Town of Greenburgh, NY