Letter to the Editor: Cuomo win on Primary Day actually reveals apathy among Democrats

Photo courtesy of @andrewcuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo shouldn’t be proud of his 2018 Democratic Party Primary win. Out of 5,621,822 registered active potential Democrats, only 975,552 voted him, while 511,585 voted for Cynthia Nixon and 4,134,685 who voted for “None of the Above” by staying home.

In reality, when you add up the combined votes of Nixon with those who stayed home by voting for “None of the Above,” less than 18 percent of registered Democrats supported Cuomo.

He had the benefits and perks of eight years being governor, including daily free media coverage. Don’t forget periodic mailings from state agencies and authorities at taxpayers expense promoting his so called accomplishments. Virtually every state Democratic Party city, state and federal elected official, district and county leader, local club house along with most labor unions endorsed him. This included mailings, phone banks and get out the vote drives.

He raised over $32 million dollars primarily from Pay-to-Play and other special interest groups. Cuomo spent over $25 million. This included a media buy in the millions. His campaign commercials ran 24/7 on most channels for weeks. His primary opponent Cynthia Nixon raised $2.5 million. Ms. Nixon was vastly outspent and could afford a very limited media buy to get her message out.

Larry Penner
Great Neck