Malliotakis Wins in 11th Congressional District, Dems retain other NYC House Seats

Photo via Facebook @NMalliotakis

The results are in for the congressional districts spanning the five boroughs of New York City. While Democrats maintained their House seats most of New York City, Congressional District 11, which comprises all of Staten Island and part of southern Brooklyn, has crowned Republican Nicole Malliotakis winner for the second consecutive term, with all 374 election districts reporting.

“Like many children when I was young, I always wondered what the meaning of my name was, and if you google Nicole, it says the victory of the people, and that’s what tonight is. This is not my victory. It is truly the victory of the people,” Malliotakis said during her speech at her election night party in Rosebank, Staten Island.

The 11th Congressional District had 436,800 registered voters, and 185,838 of those registered actually participated in Tuesday’s election.

Malliotakis defeated Democrat Max Rose 61.07 percent to 37.26 percent. Of the 185,838 total voters, 113,485 voted for Malliotakis, 69,241 voted for Rose, and the remaining 3,112 votes were either voided, blank, or write-ins, according to the New York State Board of Elections.

Amongst the votes that were counted, 37.26 percent (69,241 voters) voted Democrat, 56.86 percent (105,667 people) voted Republican, and 4.21 percent (7,818 people) used the Conservative Party line on the ballot. 

District 11 is made up of Richmond County, representing the whole of Staten Island and part of Kings County, the Brooklyn portion of the district. When divided by county, Kings County’s votes are more evenly distributed amongst the two candidates, with 46 percent of the votes for Rose and 50.98 percent for Malliotakis, about a 5 percent difference. In Richmond — a predominantly red borough with 60.17 percent Republican votes and 4.28 percent Conservative — Malliotakis had a 30 percent lead, getting 64.45 percent of the votes.

“In this party and as proud Americans, we respect the outcomes of elections,” Rose said before proceeding to thank and congratulate his campaign team, family, unions, and other newly elected officials during his concession speech.

The results are also in for the rest of New York City’s other congressional districts, this includes districts 5 through 15. Across these 11 districts, there are a total of 4,587,309 registered voters. As expected Democrats easily defeated Republican challengers in the Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx.

District 5

Gregory W. Meeks won with 72.34 percent of the votes, Paul King had 23.92 percent.

District 6

Grace Meng won with 61.09 percent of the votes, Thomas J. Zmich had 35.49 percent.

District 7

Nydia M. Velazquez won with 77.64 percent of the votes. Juan Pagan had 18.82 percent.

District 8

Hakeem S. Jeffries won with 69.37 percent of the votes, Yuri Dashevsky had 26.38 percent.

District 9

Yvette D. Clarke won with 70.61 percent of the votes, Menachem M. Raitport had 15.34 percent.

District 10

Daniel Goldman won with 79.35 percent of the votes, Benine A. Hamdan had 14.48 percent.

District 12

Jerrold L. Nadler won with 79.98 percent of the votes, Michael K. Zumbluskas had 17.71 percent.

District 13

Adriano Espaillat had 81.60 percent. She did not run against another candidate.

District 14

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won with 67.18 percent of the votes, Tina Forte had 26.14 percent, and Desi Cuellar had 1.81 percent.

District 15

Ritchie Torres won with 74.99 percent of the votes, Stylo A. Sapaskis had 15.77 percent.

District 16

Jamaal Bowman won with 60.17 percent of the votes, Miriam Flisser had 33.58 percent.

These votes are not yet official according to the New York State Election Law, there will be a recanvass of every vote before certification. This takes up to 25 days for the general election.