New statewide ad campaign promotes responsible cannabis use

The state Office of Cannabis Management announced a a new public service campaign meant to promote safe and responsible cannabis use.

“Cannabis Conversations” is the first public health education campaign on Cannabis Law of its kind in New York. The campaign will feature a wide array of advertisements and messages across billboards, mass transportation, television ads, social media and radio.

The goal of the program is to educate New Yorkers about who can legally consume recreational cannabis, where it can be used, and how to do so in a safe manner. 

This statewide campaign is aimed at giving parents and caregivers the tools needed to help protect youth, and remind adults of the risks of driving while under the influence of cannabis. 

The campaign also underscores the health impacts of cannabis on pregnancy and breastfeeding, and its medical use. Inequities related to cannabis are also outlined by Cannabis Conversations to keep New Yorkers aware of past injustices black and brown communities have faced with disproportionate enforcement. 

These messages are being distributed in English and Spanish.

Further information on the campaign can be found on the Office of Cannabis Management website.