New York Republican Chair: ‘We have a strong leader back in the White House’

Gazette file photo


Statement from New York Republican State Committee Chairman Ed Cox:

Chairman Cox

“On behalf of the entire New York Republican Party, we offer our huge congratulations to our favorite son President-elect Donald J. Trump on his historic election. Voters across America spoke loud and clear demanding a different direction for this nation. A Queens native who left an indelible mark on New York City, he emerged on the national political stage with electric force and captured the attention of the American public. His resounding New York primary win last April catapulted him to the nomination. I was proud to be the first state Republican chairman to endorse him and to have worked with him as he assumed the leadership of our great party, leading us to the greatest political upset in our nation’s history.

“The force of his candidacy helped us secure our Republican Congressional, Senate, and Assembly seats in New York, as well as both houses of Congress. We are thrilled to have a strong leader back in the White House, fixing Washington, jumpstarting the American economy and restoring America’s leadership on the world stage. God bless President-elect Trump and the United States of America.”