NY voters support impeachment and removing Trump from office

Legislative Gazette file photo

Divided along partisan lines, New Yorkers support impeaching and removing President Donald Trump 55-to -38 percent.

Impeachment and removal is supported by 79 percent of Democrats and opposed by 81 percent of Republicans, with independents closely divided, according to a new Siena College Poll of registered New York State voters released Tuesday.

“In these hyperpartisan times, it is not particularly surprising that Republicans oppose impeaching and removing Trump from office 81-to-14 percent and Democrats support it 79-to-13 percent, while independents lean, ever so slightly, toward impeachment, 49-to-47 percent,” said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg. “Downstate suburban and white voters are closely divided on the question, while New York City, black, Latino, and young voters are strongly in support of removing the president, as are a plurality of upstaters.

Looking at the impeachment question by region, 49-to-43 percent of upstate voters support impeaching Trump and removing him from office; voters in the suburbs are evenly split at 47-to-48 percent; and support for impeachment is an overwhelming 65-to-28 percent among New York City voters.

The poll poses five questions about Congress’s impeachment inquiry, including whether or not New York voters feel Trump has done anything that warrants an impeachment investigation.

By a 60-to-34 percent margin, voters say Trump has taken actions that warrant an impeachment investigation, and by a 62-to-34 percent margin, voters say the House is justified in conducting an impeachment investigation. Similarly, voters say they trust House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over Trump 57-to-30 percent.

“On questions regarding whether the president’s actions warrant an impeachment investigation, the House is justified in conducting an impeachment investigation, and whether voters more trust Trump or Pelosi, Democrats are more intensely against the President than Republicans are in support of him. Independents side with Democrats by nearly twenty points on each of those questions,” Greenberg said. “So, while the partisans are squarely in their respective corners, independents look more like Democrats on the investigation and actions taken by the president, but independents are not yet convinced that impeachment is the way to proceed.”

The Siena College Poll was conducted October 6-10, 2019 by telephone calls conducted in English to 742 New York state registered voters.
Respondent sampling was initiated by asking for the youngest male in the household. It has an overall margin of error of 4.3 percentage points.