NYS Bar Association wants to educate voters on Constitutional Convention

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The New York State Bar Association is asking Gov. Andrew Cuomo to create a commission that would prepare for the upcoming 2017 voter referendum on whether or not the state should go through with a constitutional convention.

Although Cuomo proposed a preparatory commission for the 2016-2017 budget, it was not included in the final budget.

bar Association President David P. Miranda sent a letter to Gov. Cuomo on April 8 urging him to create a preparatory commission through an executive order, citing the fact that multiple New York governors have previously created such commissions using that process, including Mario Cuomo.

“Previous commissions have been established by executive order,” Miranda wrote in his letter. “We believe that the governor’s authority to do this is well established.”

On Nov. 7, 2017 voters can decide on whether they support the idea of organizing a convention for the purpose of revising the state Constitution, a question that is put to voters every 20 years as required by law.

According to the Bar Association, a preparatory commission would help educate voters about the convention as well as make proper arrangements in case a convention is held.

“If a commission is to be appointed and be successful in its work, it is essential that you issue an order without delay,” Miranda wrote in his letter.