Opinion: School zone speed cameras should be authorized everywhere


Legislation being pushed by New York City Mayor De Blasio in Albany and introduced in the state Senate and Assembly would increase the number of speed cameras in school zones from 140 camera’s to 750. A great idea.

The legislation, if approved would allow cameras to be installed up to a half mile away from school entrances. The current limit in new York City is a quarter mile. The cameras would be operational seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.. And the city would be required to install signs within 300 feet of a camera alerting drivers that the devices are in use.

This legislation could save lives. It’s a no brainer. Only one problem with the bill: It only applies to New York City.

Suburban communities like Greenburgh can’t implement this safety initiative near crosswalks going to area schools. In recent months I have received many complaints about speeding near schools from parents and children who worry about safety. The town has been building more sidewalks near schools but it will take many years and millions of dollars to make our town a truly pedestrian friendly community. And-parents worry about their child’s safety when crossing the street to go to school.

Why should the lives of children in New York City be treated differently than the lives of children who cross the street in Westchester? Speed cameras should be authorized near schools throughout the state.