Proposed incinerator will compromise the economy and environment of the Finger Lakes

Photo by William Hect
The economy of the Finger Lakes relies largely on agritourism and the environment. The proposed waste-to-energy incinerator would be located on the site of the former Seneca Army Depot near Seneca Lake, pictured above.

To the editor:

The insertion of New York’s largest trash incinerator in the Finger Lakes will disrupt the economy and have detrimental effects on the environment in the region.

Circular enerG is attempting to silence the Finger Lakes residents by ignoring their opposition to the trash burning facility and instead submitting a proposal to the state under the false pretense of the incinerator being a “waste to energy” machine.

With a trash incinerator in the Finger Lakes, thousands of tons of trash from around the state will be transported by hundreds of trucks or trains daily. This type of activity in and out of the community does not generate the welcoming and calming ambiance that draws tourists to the quaint area, but rather diminishes the appeal. The tourism business heavily relies on the environment as Finger Lakes vineyards are the main attraction, followed by the scenic countryside. The 260-foot smoke stack that accompanies the trash burner will only cast a shadow on the beautiful vineyards and other tourist attractions.

Photo by Joseph Campbell
Romulus Central School is located 3,200 ft. downwind of the proposed site for Circular enerG’s waste-to-energy incinerator.

The Finger Lakes’ economy depends on the tourism and vineyard businesses, as the industries combined provide 60,000 local jobs and contributes $2.8 billion to the economy. We cannot afford to jeopardize economic stability for the purpose of burning trash. Gov. Andrew Cuomo should show true leadership and protect the state’s investment into the region and reject this proposal outright.