Senate majority leader unveils committee assignments


President of the New York State Senate and Majority Leader John Flanagan On Tuesday night handed up the following committee assignments:


Serino, Chair
Alcantara, Felder, Funke, Golden, LaValle, Marchione

Ritchie, Chair
Funke, Gallivan, O’Mara, Ranzenhofer, Seward, Valesky

Alcoholism and Drug Abuse:
Amedore, Chair
Bonacic, Carlucci, Phillips, Ritchie

Hamilton, Chair
Akshar, Amedore, Bonacic, Helming, Jacobs, Marcellino, Marchione, Murphy, O’Mara, Savino, Tedisco

Children and Families:
Avella, Chair
Bonacic, Helming, Savino, Serino

Felder, Chair
Avella, Akshar, Funke, Jacobs

Civil Service and Pensions:
Golden, Chair
Croci, Lanza, Ortt, Phillips, Ritchie, Savino

Lanza, Chair
Savino, Vice Chair
Akshar, Boyle, Croci, Gallivan, Golden, Griffo, O’Mara, Tedisco

Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business:
Boyle, Chair
Felder, Funke, Gallivan, Griffo, Hamilton, Robach

Consumer Protection:
Carlucci, Chair
Amedore, Boyle, Funke, Hamilton, Helming, Robach

Corporations, Authorities and Commissions:
Ranzenhofer, Chair
Alcantara, Amedore, Larkin, Ortt

Crime Victims, Crime and Corrections:
Gallivan, Chair
Akshar, Griffo, Hamilton, Helming, Jacobs, Little, Ritchie, Tedisco

Cultural Affairs and Tourism:
Funke, Chair
Alcantara, Avella, Helming, Little, Marcellino, Marchione, Ritchie, Serino

Marcellino, Chair
Gallivan, Vice Chair
Avella, Croci, Hamilton, Lanza, LaValle, Little, Ranzenhofer, Robach, Serino, Seward

Akshar, Chair
Amedore, Avella, Gallivan, Marchione, Tedisco

Griffo, Chair
Carlucci, Croci, Little, O’Mara, Ortt, Ritchie

Environmental Conservation
O’Mara, Chair
Avella, Funke, LaValle, Little, Marcellino, Ortt, Phillips, Tedisco

Ethics and Internal Governance:
Phillips, Chair

Young, Chair
Savino, Vice Chair
Avella, Bonacic, Boyle, Carlucci, Felder, Gallivan, Golden, Griffo, Hannon, Lanza, Larkin, LaValle, Little, Marcellino, Marchione, O’Mara, Ranzenhofer, Ritchie, Robach, Seward, Valesky

Hannon, Chair
Valesky, Vice-Chair
Felder, Golden, Jacobs, Larkin, Little, Murphy, Seward, Tedisco

Higher Education:
LaValle, Chair
Alcantara, Croci, Funke, Gallivan, Griffo, Helming, Ortt, Ritchie, Robach, Serino, Seward

Little, Chair
Avella, Bonacic, Boyle, Gallivan, Young

Infrastructure and Capital Investment:
Phillips, Chair
Alcantara, Croci, Felder, Gallivan, Robach

Seward, Chair
Golden, Hamilton, Jacobs, Lanza, Larkin, LaValle, Murphy, O’Mara, Phillips, Savino, Serino

Investigations and Government Operations:
Murphy, Chair
Carlucci, Golden, Lanza, O’Mara, Phillips

Bonacic, Chair
Amedore, Avella, Boyle, Croci, Hamilton, Hannon, Jacobs, Lanza, LaValle, O’Mara, Phillips, Ranzenhofer, Savino, Serino

Alcantara, Chair
Akshar, Gallivan, Hannon, Marcellino, Murphy, Ortt, Ritchie, Robach, Savino

Local Government:
Marchione, Chair
Boyle, Carlucci, Murphy, Ortt, Ritchie

Mental Health:
Ortt, Chair
Carlucci, Felder, Hamilton, Hannon, Murphy, Serino

Racing, Gaming and Wagering:
Bonacic, Chair
Akshar, Boyle, Griffo, Marchione, Ranzenhofer, Valesky

Flanagan, Chair
DeFrancisco, Vice-Chair
Bonacic, Carlucci, Griffo, Hannon, Lanza, Larkin, LaValle, Little, Marcellino, Ranzenhofer, Robach, Savino, Seward, Valesky

Social Services:
Tedisco, Chair
Alcantara, Amedore, Helming, LaValle

Robach, Chair
O’Mara, Vice Chair
Avella, Croci, Gallivan, Griffo, Larkin, Marcellino, Ranzenhofer, Ritchie, Valesky, Young

Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs:
Croci, Chair
Amedore, Carlucci, Felder, Golden, Jacobs, Larkin, Marchione, Ortt

Libraries Select Committee:
Ritchie, Chair
Avella, Larkin, LaValle, Marcellino, Seward, Valesky

State-Native American Relations Select Committee:
Griffo, Chair
Bonacic, Gallivan, Little, Young

Science, Technology, Incubation and Entrepreneurship Select Committee:
Amedore, Chair
Funke, Vice Chair
Gallivan, Golden, LaValle, Ranzenhofer, Robach

Administrative Regulation Review Commission:
Jacobs, Chair

Rural Resources:
Helming, Chair
Akshar, Ritchie, Valesky