Take this pop quiz at your own risk

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Okay, class, get out your pencils. Here’s a simple true or false test. Take it at your own risk.

True or false: Donald Trump is a big fat liar.

Answer: Absolutely true. He has been caught telling lies again and again. Now he is accusing ex-FBI chief James Comey of lying and has volunteered to testify under oath to the accuracy of his memory of those now famous meetings with Comey. I say, once a liar, always a liar. Comey is a trusted agent of the FBI who testified despite the possibility that he could face real trouble over having leaked his notes to the press about what went on between himself and Trump. He is not a liar.

True or false: Donald Trump is crazy.

Answer: Unclear. In order to lie, say some Trump apologists, you need to know that you are lying. Otherwise you are just not telling the truth as you understand it. If you are not telling the truth and you don’t know that you aren’t telling the truth, are you crazy? Folks who live outside reality are often diagnosed as insane. Some people who know this stuff posit that Trump is showing signs of dementia. Others have thrown around the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. I don’t know about that but I do know that the man is a confirmed liar. It’s dangerous to have a liar running the country.

True or false: Congressman (Speaker) Paul Ryan can be President of the United States.

Answer: True. I don’t think it will happen because he has put his bet on Donald Trump whose polling numbers keep going down and down but he certainly could. Ryan didn’t want to be Speaker knowing that he’d get caught in a fight between the radical right and the regular Republicans. That’s exactly what happened. He needs to pass something so Trump can say that he achieved something in his early presidency. In fact, he has not. This is not exactly a reason to make the man president. On the other hand, Donald Trump is President and that goes to show that Paul Ryan or anyone else could end up there.

True or false: Andrew Cuomo can’t be elected President of the United States.

Answer: False. Not only for the reason advanced above but because he shares some Trump traits. He has been known to bully and he shows very little kindness towards anyone. If you were to poll the people who do business with him you would find very few who would admit to liking him. Oh, his PR guys will tweet their heads off crying about this but they are paid to do it. Apparently bullies do become presidents and governors.

True or False: The House of Representatives will go Democratic in 2018.

Answer: True. There are many reasons for this answer. First and foremost, the Democratic base has been energized in a manner not seen for many, many years. They will work their tails off because of Trump. They will give until it hurts, they will register others to vote and then lead them by the hand to get them to the polls. They will hold Congressional feet to the fire for voting against Obama’s Affordable Care Act. They will pick out congressional districts that went for Hillary in the last election and have Republican congressmen. This is going to be what political scientists call a “realigning election.” Most of these Republican congressmen will BEG trump to stay out of their districts during the campaign.

True or False: Trump will be impeached.

Answer: It depends on whether the Democrats take the House and whether Special Prosecutor Mueller comes up with evidence showing Team Trump colluding with the Russians. It also depends on whether Trump’s polling numbers sink below thirty percent. Then the only way the Republicans will be able to save themselves is to vote for a Trump impeachment.