Ten reasons why Andrew Cuomo might (or might not) be president


Reason One: He’s mean enough. You have to be mean to be president. That way people are afraid of you because they think if they cross you, you’ll get even. Presidents have a lot of power. Donald Trump is mean and Andrew Cuomo is mean. Barack Obama was an aberration. He wasn’t mean, so the Republicans were mean to him.

Reason Two: Andrew Cuomo is pragmatic. If something isn’t working, he’ll just change what he is doing. Take the Moreland Act Commission that he appointed to investigate corruption. As soon as they were getting close to things Andrew and his friends didn’t want investigated, he closed the whole operation down. Donald Trump does the same thing. You have to be ready to turn on the proverbial dime.

Reason Three: Andrew Cuomo doesn’t stand by his friends when they are in trouble. When your friends are crooks or disappoint you, you say, “I really don’t know them.” Ditto Donald Trump. He has a long list of early friends who he tells us were never really his friends. Andrew’s pals are just about to stand trial for stealing and corruption but Andrew isn’t standing by them. That might come back to bite him in the posterior. Ditto Trump as his Russian connected friends drop the dime on him.

Reason Four: Andrew sure does know how to raise money the old fashioned way. He talks the talk but doesn’t walk the line. He takes a lot of money from people who obviously want something from government. He says that we need to fix the corrupt system but doesn’t do anything about it. Trump said he was going to spend his own money on the campaign but trust me, he took the campaign contributions. Did you ever consider that all those people from the big banks are in his Cabinet after he decried them during the campaign? Andrew will clearly change the system after he is elected, right?

Reason Five: Andrew Cuomo is moving left as fast as his legs can carry him. He’ll need physical therapy if he doesn’t watch out. Funny, lately Donald Trump has been moving ever so slightly to his left. Of course he doesn’t mean it.

Reason Six: Andrew is out front with some new and innovative programs that can serve as prototypes if he is elected president. Just look at his free college education program for those earning under $125,000 a year. People are mad at him for insisting that those who take the money stay in the state for four years after they graduate. Easily fixed when he becomes president — they just won’t be allowed to work abroad. Donald Trump sets the standards for that type of behavior toward other countries, but only on Tuesdays — then he changes. (See Reason Two.)

Reason Seven: Andrew Cuomo will know what to with his military. Ditto Trump. Both are bullies.

Reason Eight: Andrew Cuomo has the Cuomo name and that’s a huge advantage. People think he’s the same as Mario. He isn’t.

Reason Nine: Andrew will take voice lessons so that the people outside of Queens can understand him. The last thing he wants is Alec Baldwin imitating him.

Reason Ten: He has a fire in the belly. If you want to win, you can’t play by the Marquess of Queensbury rules. You have to be able to stand up after someone knocks you to the ground. Andrew is very good at that. He has survived a lot of trouble. He married a Kennedy and that provided huge fodder for the tabloids. No one thought he’d survive but he did.