The presidential signals from Andrew Cuomo are unmistakable

Photo courtesy of the Governor’s Office
Governor Cuomo thanks members of the National Guard after surveying damage and holding a briefing on windstorm recovery efforts in Monroe County on March 10.

Andrew and Donald, the saga continues. It turns out that Andrew, slick dude that he is, has lucked out.

He thought that Hillary would be president. He was wrong or possibly just playing it cagey. Then the heat got turned up and everyone wanted to know what and when Andrew knew about the nefarious dealings of his best and closest friends who are now facing trial that could land them in prison for many years. That’s when the Donald came along and dominated the news cycles — every news cycle, every minute of every day and every night. Poof, state government which is rarely on people’s minds in the first place, is even more invisible than ever.

What once promised to be the most sensational trial involving a sitting governor since the one involving the corpulent Trumpster in New Jersey is now pretty much off the radar. So with Andrew not making his usual quotient of stupid mistakes, such as picking on the best guy in state government, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli (at least in the public eye), Cuomo’s favorability ratings in the polls start significantly rising; don’t you see? (as Festus used to say on Gunsmoke.) Donald, with his weird, pre-fascist tweets and deranged outbursts, has saved Andrew from his mistakes.

The presidential, inspirational signs from Andrew are unmistakable. The family is being mobilized. Andrew’s mother Matilda is going back to her very good work running a mentoring program. She will be integrated into future campaigns in a move reminiscent of the way that Al D’Amato’s mom was used in his campaigns.

His brother, who certainly looks like Andrew but speaks a better brand of English, is a star at CNN which is making its bones by exposing Donald Trump at every opportunity. When it comes to that, brother Christopher has not exactly been a shrinking violet.

Even more interesting for the tabloids are the hints that have been given out about possible impending nuptials between Cuomo and his long time TV star girlfriend. That makes sense if you’re going to run for president. New Yorkers certainly and appropriately understand couples who live together but maybe not so much the folks in Kansas who might not accept the concept quite as easily. Better he should marry, not only for love, but for Kansas.

The problem for Andrew is that if he opens up a full war with Trump, which might be labeled by the historians as the “War of the Bullies,” he risks almost certain retribution by the unstable Trump who does not take criticism in any form in any way. In other words, there goes the New York State budget, “Medicare and all” with a shout out to Humpty Dumpty. On the other hand, the more silent Andrew is about the Trump that New Yorkers love to hate, the more likely it is that Andrew will lose his left flank which, up to now, has been showing signs of returning to the Andrew fold. This is the well-known “between a rock and a hard place” and the always shrewd, if sometimes not so wise, Andrew will certainly understand the problem.

As for the much beleaguered Trump, he has now garnered so many enemies that he may not have time for yet another war with another Democrat. If Andrew comes out of the shadows and takes on Trump big time, he faces retribution, but by that time, Trump may be up to his keister in alligators. That means, of course, that Andrew will bide his time making up his mind whether to give Trump the savage critique he deserves. I can just hear Andrew telling his toadies what he is going to do. So far the guy is doing pretty well. He has no real opposition in his 2018 race for governor and while a lot of people say that he can’t possibly be president, they’ve been wrong before.