Publisher’s Corner: True or False? Gov. Cuomo is a hypocrite

Can Stock Photo Inc. / bbbar

Okay, here’s the true or false test I promised you. Please don’t cheat just because the President of the United States and his extended family cheat.

T or F: Andrew Cuomo is a hypocrite when he says that he is opposed to the role money plays in United States politics.

Answer: True. It’s the same old, same old baloney. He has raised millions of dollars to run for governor and maybe, as far as federal election laws will allow, to run for president. He recently said that he hadn’t committed to a presidential run yet but that, too, is baloney.

T or F: Everyone is holding their breath to see if Andrew’s honorary brother and former aide, Joe Percoco, will say anything compromising about Andrew in Percoco’s upcoming graft trial.

Answer: True, sort of. Maybe not “everyone.” Percoco’s alleged partner, lobbyist Todd Howe, is already cooperating with the government, pitting the two old associates against one another. Nobody really knows how much Howe has said to the feds but the assumption is that it’s a lot. Some of the language has leaked to the press and around Albany and it isn’t pretty. The smell around the Cuomo operation could get pretty bad and that, added to the so called “Summer of Hell” in the New York City subways, could encourage someone of substance to run against Cuomo.

T or F: Andrew Cuomo’s poll numbers are sliding precipitously.

Answer: True. Cuomo’s numbers have always held up in New York City though not so much in upstate New York. One of the reasons why it’s generally better to be a governor than a mayor is that people believe that the mayor controls all the essential services. When those services break down, so does the mayor’s popularity. But this time, Cuomo bragged about his role running the MTA and now, no matter how much he protests, he owns it. So Andrew’s approval ratings dropped below fifty percent and while it still appears that he will have a free ride on his way to the governorship, things can change and fast.

T or F: Attorney General Eric Schneiderman wants to be governor.

Answer: True as can be. Schneiderman the AG (Almost Governor) hasn’t got the stomach to run against Cuomo for a lot of reasons. Most voters are unfamiliar with the guy. They sure know the Cuomo name. If Schneiderman were to oppose Cuomo in a Democratic primary, it is unlikely that he would prevail.

There is, of course, a big BUT. Schneiderman has to worry that if someone else sees an opportunity and beats Cuomo in a primary, that could spell the end of his gubernatorial dream. So, if it looks like Cuomo is vulnerable Schneiderman may HAVE to run against Cuomo in a primary which he could not win right now.

T or F: Tom DiNapoli wants to be governor.

Answer: Well, maybe. He has been a terrific comptroller for New York state. He’s a wonderful and kind man, probably too kind to be governor. I speak with him often and know that he’s grateful to have his job as comptroller and wants to keep it. He has very good reasons to be less than happy with Cuomo, who has done nothing but to try and hurt DiNapoli. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the idea of running against Cuomo has crossed the comptroller’s mind once or twice. It should be remembered, however, that DiNapoli and Schneiderman have had to band together to hold off Cuomo’s bellicosity toward both of them. My bet is that DiNapoli would step aside to let Schneiderman have first crack if Schneiderman has the guts to grab the brass ring. On the other hand, in the unlikely event that a Republican of the