A physical necessity, not a political statement



To the editor:

Having been brought up in a house full of women, one toilet, going to the bathroom was a physical necessity not a political statement. As far as public restrooms go, as long as I have privacy what is going on in the stall next to me is of little concern.

There is the issue of minors (children).  How does one reconcile minors being “exposed” to the LBGT gender possibilities?

It is dangerous and naive to think there are not people who will take advantage of mixing of genders in restrooms. Add the pedophile dimension and you have serious issues.

If children come first, and children are our future, err on the side of child safety.

While driving North Carolina I-95, I made a pit stop. There were single “stall” private men’s and women’s rooms.  A sign was hung on the doors, men’s room for men and women’s room for women. The other side of the coin, being foolish.

Self control and tolerance are keys to getting along.  Laws won’t do it.

Edmond Day