Since 1978, The Legislative Gazette program has trained student journalists to provide independent coverage of New York State politics, legislation, and policy. Hundreds of Gazette alumni have gone on to professional careers in the field; two have won Pulitzer Prizes. Our program’s mission has become more vital in recent years as the value of objective, fact-based reporting is being systematically attacked, and independent media is now described as the “enemy of the state.”

The Gazette, published electronically year-round, is a respected, established presence in Albany. Under the supervision of journalism professor James Gormley, our student reporters cover breaking news in and around the Capitol, write features and profiles about news makers, produce news videos, and practice photojournalism, copyediting, web publishing, and social media skills.

Gazette reporter James Nani interviewing U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Our reporters are not paid. We have no full-time staff. We have been doing this for 40 years because we know the enormous opportunities the Gazette has provided to students, and are convinced of the program’s value, now more than ever, for the future of independent, unbiased, professional journalism.

The editor of the Gazette program is supported from university resources: he is on the staff of the Digital Media and Journalism Department at SUNY New Paltz. The program’s founder, Dr. Alan Chartock, generously volunteers his time to provide political science instruction to our student reporters.

When the Legislative Gazette was a print publication, other expenses were covered from advertising revenues, supplemented by foundation grants The general decline of print media has severely diminished the viability of this business model.

Moreover, the State University of New York is hard pressed, and SUNY New Paltz cannot provide the program additional operating revenues. As an academic, nonprofit, and independent newsroom operating without a dedicated source of revenue, we must find an alternative means of regular support.

Gazette reporters with Governor Mario Cuomo

The sum of $50,000 is needed annually to keep this valuable program operational. Your donation of $200 per year — or about 55 cents a day — to The SUNY New Paltz Foundation for the benefit of The Legislative Gazette Program Fund will help assure the continuation of free unbiased media in New York and the nation by supporting the training of the next generation of journalists.

If you are interested in the lawmaking process, if you are concerned about the future of journalism, and if you want to help train young, civic-minded reporters who have a passion for public affairs journalism, please consider becoming a supporter of The Legislative Gazette today.

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