Publisher’s Corner: When will Cuomo get back in the game?

Photo courtesy of the Governor’s Office Former Governor Andrew Cuomo pictured at the Javits Center in Manhattan on March 23, 2020.

Let’s review. I’ve been telling you all along that Andrew Cuomo is NOT my friend, despite the fact that I have spent many hours interviewing both him and his father on the radio. I have also constantly told you that Andrew, the prince of darkness, is not finished in politics. Pretty interesting, considering the fact that so many people I respect have truly been out to get the guy. Let’s remember that Andrew, who I’ve nicknamed “Tough Guy Andrew,” took no prisoners (ever) and was deservedly hated by most of the people in the game. They hated him because he was not nice to them or anyone else. That group got together en masse and was determined that Andrew would be constrained from ever coming back. But — and it’s a big but — I kept telling you that despite the fact that I didn’t like the guy, he was by no means finished. I might just be right. Recent events have made that clear.

Let’s remember that the Andrew haters got him for being less than correct with women. It looks like he is just another guy who got what we used to call “fresh” with the ladies, propositioning them and, you know, kissing them, and touching them. I have certainly heard from many women who are not friendly toward Andrew. I have also been telling you NOT to count him out from the political game. In fact, I have suggested that he might want to get back in the gubernatorial primary, the very thing his detractors seem to be the most worried about.

So how did it happen? Despite having been charged by various women, the changes brought against him have been dropped like hot potatoes. I can assure you that the courageous district attorney in Albany, David Soares, is not a friend of Cuomo’s. Despite having been asked by Cuomo to prosecute people who were protesting, Soares would not do so. He was the last person who could have brought Cuomo to court and for a myriad of reasons, he chose not to. Needless to say, Soares is now hearing from various feministas who think that despite his insistence that he couldn’t win such a case, he should have used his powers to prosecute and punish. I know David Soares pretty well and I can assure you that he is a man committed to doing what’s right, despite various pressures being visited upon him. He’s my kind of DA.

With Soares declining to prosecute Cuomo, the deed was done. While it’s still possible for the federal authorities to prosecute him for having taken liberties with the truth about placing hospital patients back into the nursing homes, it is doubtful that the independent-minded United States Attorney General will opt to prosecute, so it would appear that Cuomo is off the criminal hook.

Put yourself in Andrew’s place. Would you re-enter the political sphere now as opposed to waiting a few years to do it? That’s where my knowledge of Andrew’s character (Freud said character is set at about four years of age) comes into play. My bet is that Andrew will not wait. He knows about that golden ring: “Grab it while you can — you might not get another chance.”

This is a guy who thinks a lot about revenge. He has no end of targets. He’s got Attorney General Letitia James to get even with. He’s got Kathy Hochul, who has not been particularly kind to him. He’s got all those legislators and Democrats who “done him in.” I’m still betting that Andrew gets back in the game sooner than later. So far, I’ve been proven right and I’ll bet I am this time, too.