Little change in voters’ attitude on Con Con

Legislative Gazette file photo

The most recent Siena College Research Institute poll indicates narrow support for holding a constitutional convention.

The poll released on Tuesday indicates that while democratic support has flagged, dropping 11 percent since the July poll, overall opinion remains effectively unchanged with registered voters supporting a “Yes” vote 45-33 from 47-34 in July.

The campaigns for and against appear to be having some influence, as the number of people who have heard “nothing at all” about the possibility of a convention has shrunk from 67 percent in July to 58 percent in August.

“One-fifth of voters – up from 14 percent – have read or heard at least some about the Con Con vote in November, however, 58 percent – down from 67 percent – still say they’ve heard nothing,” said Steven Greenberg in the poll’s press release.

While Democrats, Republicans and independent voters all saw large slides in support from the May to July’s polls, New York’s large population of independents, nearly 2.6 million voters in all, remain in majority support of a “Yes” vote.

The poll of 771 registered voters has a margin of error of 4.2 percentage points.