New York begins distributing personal protective equipment across the state

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces the distribution of personal protective equipment across New York state to help hospital staff as positive cases continue to rise.

Today Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the distribution of health care equipment to hospitals across New York, in an effort to protect doctors, nurses and other medical personnel on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak. The confirmed number of cases has grown to more than 30,000 cases as of Wednesday morning. 

The distribution of the medical supplies will come from the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan.

New York City hospitals will receive 169,880 N-95 masks, 430,850 surgical masks, 176,750 gloves, 72,561 gowns and 39,364 face shields. 

Hospitals in Westchester County will receive 16,988 N-95 masks, 301,595 surgical masks, 17,675 gloves, 7,256 gowns, and 3,926 face shields. 

Long Island hospitals will receive 33,976 N-95 masks, 86,170 surgical masks, 35,350 gloves, 14,512 gowns and 7,853 face shields. 

The rest of New York State will receive 118,916 N-95 masks, 301,595 surgical masks, 123,735 gloves, 50,793 gowns and 27,485 face shields.

In total, 339,760 N-95 masks, 861,700 surgical masks, 353,500 gloves, 145,122 gowns and 78,528 face shields will be sent throughout New York State to the hospitals that have the greatest need for them.

The supplies are being distributed in consultation with the Greater New York Hospital Association and the Healthcare Association of New York State, both of which are helping identify which hospitals are in greatest need.

“The State cannot do this alone, and the blunt truth is we need more ventilators and health care equipment fast, and we need the federal government to actually use the Defense Production Act to get private manufacturers to help build this critical equipment,” Gov. Cuomo said. “I’m not asking the federal government to help New York just to help New York — I’m asking for everyone. New York is the first — if we learn how to blunt the impact here and bend the curve here, we can help other states who are next. Let’s learn how to act as one nation.”