Letter: Time to consider “smart gun” technology

Courtesy of the Harris County Sheriff’s Department
Police respond to a shooting at Santa Fe High School last week. A reader proposes requiring technology that disables a firearm unless the owner is holding it as a way to cut down on theft and the use of stolen or borrowed guns for mass shootings. In the Santa Fe incident last week, the shooter used his father’s legally owned shotgun and .38 caliber handgun to kill eight students and two teachers.

To the editor:

Another gun shooting in Santa Fe resulted in 10 people killed at a high school. The gun was owned by the father of the shooter.

A suggestion: New York state should authorize local and county governments around the state to require gun dealers to only sell guns if it has smart gun technology that prevents use by anyone other than the legal owner of the firearm (like smart phones that require fingerprints or face recognition to activate) or blowing a breathalyzer in order to drive a car.

The measure would prevent people from reselling the firearm or by stealing a firearm from a legal owner. This could also prevent use by locking the gun and preventing its use by anyone other than the legal owner and cut down on thefts of firearms.

This proposal is one of many gun safety laws that are needed. It’s part of a package of proposals that could save lives.

Paul Feiner,

Greenburgh, NY Town Supervisor